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Volunteering and internships

Any person over 18 years of age may become a volunteer in the Warsaw Zoological Garden. After receiving a specialist occupational health and safety training and obtaining a medical certificate confirming that there are no contraindications to working with animals and volunteering, the volunteer will sign a contract. The volunteer must declare how often they are able to come to the Zoo and follow the agreed schedule. The decision to volunteer must be made consciously. Frequency and regularity play an important role as they allow animal handlers to organise their work and activities in their department accordingly.

Volunteering and internships in the Warsaw Zoological Garden are organised by Joanna Piotrowska.

Information for candidates who want to volunteer in the Municipal Zoological Garden in Warsaw

  1. Any person over 18 years of age can become a volunteer.
  2. You should apply for admission with a brief justification (resumes are welcome).
  3. Your application should be sent to
  4. The volunteer undertakes to work at least once a week for 8 hours (7.30-15.30) over a period of 3 months.
  5. The application should indicate the most suitable day of the week for the volunteer. Weekend work is initially out of the question unless the Section Manager agrees.
  6. The application should indicate which groups of animals the volunteer is best suited to work with.
  7. The work encompasses helping the animal caretakers in their daily management of the livestock – about 90% of these are cleaning duties (cleaning enclosures, as well as internal and external facilities, cleaning facilities and their immediate surroundings, preparing food for feeding, washing containers, observing the animals if the need arises, etc.).
  8. The application must be approved by the Section Manager who manages the group of animals with which the volunteer wishes to work.
  9. After approval by the Section Manager, a medical certificate should be submitted (a certificate issued by a general practitioner is enough) confirming that there are no contraindications to working with animals.
  10. Subsequently, an agreement is signed with the Volunteer for an initial period of 3 months.
  11. Prior to signing the Agreement, the Volunteer undergoes general occupational health and safety training, followed by workplace occupational health and safety training.

The benefits of being a volunteer in the Warsaw Zoo include:

  • acquiring new skills;
  • working with nature and animals;
  • working with interesting people;
  • a space to develop passions and to implement your own ideas;
  • free admission to the zoo;
  • internal and external training;
  • a certificate of voluntary service.

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