The ZOO is open every day, every Sunday and every holiday from 9:00 a.m.
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Zoological Garden
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Car parks

Leon, the Meerkat Family and Kuba would like to inform you:
that a ticket to the Zoological Garden entitles you to free parking in Galeria Wileńska at Targowa 72

The car park is open during the opening hours of the shopping centre.
The car park is available free of charge on weekends, and during the week it is covered by a special offer for visitors to the Garden – parking fee is waived upon presentation of a ticket to the Zoological Garden in the Parking Office (located at Floor -1).


  • A car park for about 10-15 coaches and about 150 cars can be found on the side of the Gdański Bridge;
  • You can park your car along Ratuszowa Street on the pavement along the lane;
  • From the side of the Wybrzeże Helskie Street towards the Gdański Bridge, you can park on the right lane on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays according to the road signs.