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Zoological Garden
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House under the crazy star

It is here, in this spacious, modernist house that several hundred people found a chance to live in the most cruel time for humanity – in the years when giving a glass of water to a Jew was considered to be a crime punished by death...

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In the centre of the Garden, next to a large picnic clearing, you can find a modern playground. The Playground is divided into several parts, each adapted to a different age group. The whole is lined with a safe Tartan surface. Near the playground there is also an ecological sensory path, a fitness path, a Tartan jumping hill for children and a mini basketball field. One of the first players on our pitch was Marcin Gortat, who is the godfather of Gortat the Giraffe.


In summer you can catch a train and take a ride along the main alley of the Zoological Garden on board of a colourful train. During the journey from the main gate to the hippopotamus house, visitors can listen to interesting stories about animals encountered on the way. Boarding the train requires paying an additional fee.