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Sabina and Mała are Already in New Home

27.05.2020 r.

Sabina and Mała are already in their new home.

Dears, Tuesday, in the early morning, Sabinka and Mała were moved to the catwalk adjacent to the irbis (snow leopard) catwalk in the Warsaw ZOO.

It was not an easy undertaking, although some were convinced that it was enough to drive the bears through Prague Park ... (and others believe that we have a tunnel connecting the zoo with the catwalk - such an urban legend). In fact, the bears were anesthetized, transferred to a car, and transported to the ZOO. Our seniors have endured it very bravely, and now they will get to know the new catwalk.

During the bears' anesthesia, basic examinations were carried out: dental, ECG, blood was taken. Studies have shown that Mała has problems with her heart and dental caries. Sabina (injured in the last incident) has a good heart, and the teeth treated a few years ago are still in good condition. Blood test results will be known soon.

For the assessment of the condition of the heart and dentition, we invited specialist veterinarians: dentist Dr. Katarzyna Jodkowska and cardiologist Dr. Magdalena Garncarz. Thank you very much!

We decided to move the bears immediately after the incident with a drunk man, fearing more imitators.

Two bears - Sabina and Mała - were to live to a ripe old age on the catwalk at Aleja Solidarności and end the story of bears here. We had a paddock prepared for them at the ZOO during their advanced old age. In autumn 2019, Tatra - the third inhabitant of the runway at Aleja Solidarności - has already arrived. She had numerous health problems of old age, including difficulty walking. For her safety, she could not stay on the catwalk with the moat. Now Sabina and Mała have joined her.

These two "miśki"/"teddy bears" are not yet infirm and could still use the paddock, which was designed and adapted specially for brown bears. In addition to artificial rocks visible from the street, the paddock has an area with soil and trees, swimming water, a waterfall, and spacious bear dens. The main problem of this catwalk is the fact that it is outside the ZOO itself and is available to anyone without buying tickets.

The paddock at the ZOO, which Sabina and Mała have now reached, will however, be their temporary run. We will adapt it to make it as comfortable as possible for them. We will equip a swimming pool and sprinkler for hot weather, improve the dens, but eventually, they will get a new runway, especially for them. However, this requires time and funds. The collection is already being organized by the PANDA Foundation (we will give details soon).

We are often asked to respond to the sentence for the perpetrator of the incident of 25.05.2020 on the bear run - his request for voluntary submission to punishment does not end this case. The ZOO may submit comments on this application and will use it. In addition, the Warsaw Zoo sent a letter to the prosecutor's office, which expressed its intention to act as a subsidiary prosecutor. Of course, the final decision on the sentence will be taken by the court.