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Warsaw is a unique European capital in terms of its nature and environment! The proximity of one of the largest national parks and the Vistula, an enormous wild river that flows through the heart of the city, makes it possible to meet moose, deer, wolves, lynxes, beavers, otters, nesting white-tailed eagles and black storks, several species of terns and seagulls, several species of ducks, as well as marine species from the north in winter within the city limits.

Just stop on the bridge over the Vistula River to experience an ornithological adventure! The Kampinos National Park bordering Warsaw offers a wide range of possibilities for exploring nature, from an educational centre and a museum to educational trails and the most typical forest habitats. Hiking, biking and horseback riding in the wilderness are within reach of public transit – and you can enter the park free of charge! Moreover, one of Europe’s largest rivers, the Vistula, offers a variety of water sports opportunities, ferry cruises and special excursions on a small boat.

An additional asset of Warsaw as a city is the network of large parks, where European history and art can be found right next to Polish nature. Two botanical gardens and a large zoological garden of European renown complement the large extent of possibilities to get in touch with nature.

Warsaw is an extraordinary city – great for work, but also amazing for rest and relaxation.

~Andrzej G. Kruszewicz, Director of the Warsaw Zoo

In the vicinity of the ZOO, the Vistula River offers the Rusałka Beach, widely known for its wicker gazebo and cruises from the Aquatica marina. From there, you can admire the panorama of the Old Town or jump on a ferry and go to the Podzamcze District for the evening show in the Multimedia Fountain Park.
Additionally, there is a running trail right next to the Zoological Garden, a playground for the youngest, you can also go to a rope park, a skimboard track or do a workout in the Vistula Sports Zone for sports enthusiasts. It is also a place where you can relax on deck chairs or grab something to eat.
During the summer season, Rusałka – like other beaches in the city – has many beach goers who rent deck chairs, sports equipment and organise activities or workshops by the Vistula River.

A rest on the Vistula beach is the perfect end to a tour of the Warsaw Zoo. It is worthwhile to try and observe nature for a while longer or to take advantage of the city’s attractions.