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Leon – male, born in 04.02.2001, Tel Awiw

Fryderyka – female, born in June 1996, Africa

Buba – female, born in May 1996, Africa


Did you know, that…


Leon is the largest representative of our elephant herd? He is a huge male with a very gentle temperament, although he can be moody, especially during the musth period. He is very involved in training, if he wants to... He has always been infatuated with Fryderyka, and he has a brotherly relationship with Buba. He steals hearts both with his character and with the very long eyelashes.


Fryderyka is a very dominant, extremely intelligent female who loves activities that require both cunning and strength? Her keepers call her the "elephant tank", and creating enrichments for her is a big challenge because she works them out immidiately . She loves learning and participating in medical training - the more difficult it is, the better. When caregivers introduce a new command, she will practice until she understands what it is. You can recognize her by its shorter tusks.


Buba is an elephant who takes the lowest place in the elephant hierarchy?  She is usually calm and very sensitive and the keepers call her the "elephant's ray of sunshine". During training, especially when learning new, difficult commands, she is easily discouraged if something doesn't work out. Caregivers must therefore pay special attention to her concerns and needs. Despite her gentle nature, Buba can sometimes "show her claws" in the least expected moments, e.g. encouraging Fryderyka to go crazy or stealing food from Leon. She can be recognized by the longer tusks.