ZOO jest czynne codziennie, w każdą niedzielę i święta od godz. 9.00.
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Wolontariusze Warszawskiego ZOO zapraszają na spacery w języku angielskim.

30.06.2020 r.

Come and visit our astounding ZOO with its well-versed volunteers who will happily show you around the zoological garden. They'll share with you their knowledge of our animals' stories, which are as fascinating and breathtaking as they get!
Whether you are a foreigner visiting Warsaw or just want to brush up on your english skills, here you can spend quality time with perfect surroundings and people!

In order to take part all the participants need to have a valid ticket to the Warsaw ZOO. Actual prices can be found on the website:



Meet inside the Main Gate at the Flamingos! Guided walk by volunteers, included with the price of admission.
REGISTRATION REQUIRED, --> Please sign up on the Facebook Event!
Enter your name, number of people, selected walking time (Kasia+3, 11.00).

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